South LaPrele
Douglas, Wyoming


The Powderhorn is a familyrun cowcalf and Quarter Horse ranch at the northern end of Wyoming's Laramie Range mountains.

This is "real Wyoming." A little scruffy and rocky, a little remote and temperamental. A whole lot of dry, free air to breathe and a whole lot of the-West-is-alive-even-today ambiance.

LaPrele Creek runs the length of the property, home for brook trout and brown trout, and water hole for livestock and wildlife. If you're looking for quality beef cattle, cow-bred Quarter Horses or a chance to step aside from modern hurry, get in touch with us to arrange a visit. But don't bring your cell phone.

It doesn't work here.

Grandpa D always says, "we raise kids, cows and horses."

The ranch is family-run by three-and-a-half generations doing traditional Western work with a pragmatic mix of old-time and modern-cowboy practices.

We recognize that we are blessed with the solitude and focus of working a family property. But, we love to see the real Wyoming landscape through fresh eyes when visitors are here.

If our photos tug at your sense of adventure – or your need to breathe dry, free air – get in touch. We might have a room with your name on it.

YES! This is the Powderhorn Ranch as seen on Ultimate Cowboy Showdown, Season 3!

Events Calendar

Equine Photographers Network: Fall Women's Retreat

October 4 - 9, 2023

3rd annual Fall photography retreat at the ranch! Featuring authentic Wyoming landscape, horsemanship and scenery, this retreat encourages collaboration and fun for all, plus exciting new images, ideas and friendships!
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Diamond-McNabb Spring Ranch Horse Sale

June 1, 2024

Join us for our annual spring Ranch Horse Sale, June 1st, 2024 at the Powderhorn!
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Cowgirl Inspiration Camp (Group 1)

June 18-22, 2024

Private group providing fellowship, retreat and leadership to grow in your faith and daily life.
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