Embrace the solitude and respite of the ranch


Powderhorn Ranch Hospitality

Matching stride with the working ranch aspects of cattle and horse breeding programs, farming and shop equipment, the Powderhorn is passionate about extending a warm welcome to new and returning guests and making them feel at home here. The most common phrase upon arriving at the Powderhorn is “Wow… This is beautiful!” And it is indeed beautiful. Tucked away in a pocket of authentic Wyoming, the ranch has a way of thoroughly earning the fondness of all who visit here. Whether you fall for the refreshingly beautiful scenery and peaceful rural atmosphere, the joy of horseback riding and connecting with a slice of ranch life, or the warm hospitality and friends you may make here, by the time their Powderhorn experience has drawn to a close most cannot help but say “I just don’t want to leave…”

Open year-round and operating our peak hospitality season from June to October, we offer a variety of opportunities for relaxing getaways, personal or corporate retreats, group events of many kinds, horse and stock activities, and even weddings! We are pleased to be members of the Dude Rancher’s Association and aim to share the core values of Horses, Hats, Hospitality, Heritage, Honesty and Heart with each of our new friends throughout their stay with us.

The Powderhorn offers many types of stays including but not limited to

  • All-Inclusive Guest Experience (lodging, meals, activities provided).
  • Visit our Things To Do and Booking & Details page for more information
  • Arena Trailer Park (bring your own RV or trailer to stay in)
  • Bring Your Own Horses (contact us for inquiries)
  • Book your spot in an existing event (see our Events Calendar page for possibilities)
  • Bring Your Own Event to the Powderhorn (contact us for inquiries)
We are happy to discuss how we can customize our offerings to match your circumstances! Reach out and let’s visit about your goals.