Horses & Cattle

The "Livestock" in Diamond Land & Livestock

The Powderhorn Ranch property is operated by the family company Diamond Land & Livestock, LLC. When it was a three-unit operation with considerable acreage, DLL ran as many as 1,000 mother cows, tended by well-mounted hands.

Now, DLL runs fewer cattle, sought after by a select group of regional feeders who have recognized the productive cross-breeding at sale. We also run a significant number of American Quarter Horses, many bred and born here.

For about ten years, we have built an expertise in embryo-transfer cattle breeding, allowing purebred or speciality herds to use our commercial cows as surrogate mothers to expand capacity. If you'd like to discuss, please contact Diemer or Steven.

Group of horse in field


Supposedly, there was a time in the American West before the horse – it must have been terrible! Historians say that some horses escaped the Spanish in the 1500s and the Native American societies adopted them to wholly transform Plains culture.

Now, it's hard to imagine Wyoming without the horse. We at the Powderhorn are huge fans of the American Quarter Horse – originally a sprinter, but now one of the most versatile working horses known.

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AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeder

To ride highly capable working ranch horses, we've thrown ourselves into learning – first we had to upgrade ourselves – then selecting, training, breeding and selling them. We prefer a medium-sized, nicely muscled saddle horse drawing his or her intelligence from proven cowhorse bloodlines. If we must, we'll take a little more agility and cowsense and a little less speed. We've learned to appreciate the females, and we will just as happily ride a saddle mare as a gelding.

Starting with a preponderance of genetics from Peppy San Badger, Freckles Playboy, Playgun, Royal Fletch, Boonlight Dancer and others, we're now stocking with our second generation breeding pairs, and scouting each foal crop to choose a third generation!  For more on all that, click the Breeding Program box below.

A very gratifying role of the Powderhorn is partner and host in the annual Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horse Sale. We aren't the only decent horse seller around, but we have backed it up with a unique Good Fit Guarantee since day one, trying to set a high bar for ourselves. For more on all that, click the Diamond-McNabb box below.

We all like to talk horses here!  But for latest details, reach out to Hailey True.

Beef Cattle

Ever since his high school duties with cattle ranching for the True family, Diemer has been intrigued with beef cattle. The Powderhorn runs a cow‑calf operation with commercial beef cows. Upon experience and experimentation, we emphasize an angus or angus/hereford mother cow crossed to a Charolais bull. The resulting calf crop is hardy enough for Wyoming, grows quickly and bulks up with quality beef.

Most of the calf generation is sold to feeders in the Fall. But, we often have steers available for direct consumer purchase – grain fed or grass fed.

For more information on the cattle, get in touch with Steven Gutenberger or Diemer True.